I've been a professional photographer for over 25 years, most of my career was in the Denver area but recently my wife and have moved to Albuquerque, more specifically Rio Rancho, NM. This change was prompted by a desire to reinvent our lives here in New Mexico.

                                                                Food and Architecture 

Through the years I have developed interest in Architecture and Food photography. They require the same amount of vision though at different scales, each is photographed with the perfect lighting,  angle,  composition,  styling,  showcasing design and inviting thoughtful interest through visual communication. 


I enjoy the interaction with people, what makes them get up and go out into the world every morning and create and innovate in their communities. I have been honored to have met and photographed Architects, Builders, Politicians, Celebrities, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Craftsman, Doctors, Lawyers, Musicians, Chefs, and many more.


Seeing the quality of light 

Looking for the uncommon point of view

Creating visual interest


A team player open to creative thoughts

Interpreting a vision

Technical ability

Being a leader in a crowd