The Photographer - 3Dcats Studio


First of all I am a visual person, I tell stories about the products and the people I photograph. I'm an old school advocate of knowing the three principles of commercial photography, People, Places and Things. I am always about the style, angle, composition of an image and if the light isn't right I'll wait or come back to shoot when it is right. I want to make the perfect choices for my clients not only in the work I do but in understanding their direction and concept for the stories we will tell in our still photography. If I can nail the perfect images to tell a clients story or capture their craftsmanship, their art, then I'm more than halfway done. If I can be a conduit to someone else's success then I will have done my job. 

                                                                Food and Architecture 

Through the years I have developed interest in Architecture and Food photography. Although at first they seem worlds apart but I assure you that they are much closer than you think. Each is photographed with the perfect lighting, the perfect angle, the perfect composition, the perfect styling, the perfect amount of visual information to create an artistic assumption. Each requires much patience and study. 


I enjoy the interaction with people, what makes them get up and go out into the world every morning and create and innovate in their communities. I have been honored to have met and photographed Architects, Builders, Politicians, Celebrities, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Craftsman, Doctors, Lawyers, Musicians, Chefs, and many more.


Seeing the quality of light 

Looking for the uncommon point of view

Creating visual interest


A team player open to creative thoughts

Interpreting a vision

Technical ability

Being a leader in a crowd