Business Profile Images for social and print media

Express Head shots,  $180  20 minute  session includes two digital images.

Classic Head Shots,  $275  1 hour session includes 6 images.

Editorial head shots $75 per hour  (magazine)

Group shots + more than 20 head shots / $125 per hr  

Custom Quotes Available

Corporate Event and Annual Reports 

Hourly Rate $125

Day Rate $900  (8 hours)

Culling Images $60 per hour

Assistant $60 per hour

Custom Quotes available with a shot list

Real Estate Photography   

"Our mission is to help you sell faster, our turn around is no longer than 24-36 hours." Includes front and back exteriors and all interior main rooms and bath area's. 

We concentrate on main rooms, master bedroom, kitchens and main baths, these are your strongest selling points in any home. We do not limit the amount of images we shoot at each home, we let the home tell us what is important to showcase. Our modest homes expect around 25-30 images, larger homes can be up to 75 images or more. We'll show case rooms as well as flow, design and details like new granite tops or remodeled bath's.

We rather shoot homes without homeowners present, this tends to speed up production and allows for minor staging without homeowner input.

Per Square Foot

1000 sq/ft plus    $150

2000 sq/ft plus    $200

3000 sq/ft plus    $250

Luxury Home        $475( includes drone and twilight shots}

Twilight Photography

Exterior $75   2-4 shots

Interior  $75   2-4 shots

Drone Photography

Daylight   $175

Twilight    $225

combination Real Estate and Drone  $50 discount

Exterior only $80

Food Photography Rate:  We use natural soft lighting that wraps around the plate to show details in highlights and shadows. Architecture and people can bring a since of activity and community to the shoot. Let us show case your restaurant and the people that work there as well as your product. Custom Quotes available.

Hourly Rate        $125 per hour

Culling images  $60 per hour

Editorial Rate     $75 per hour

Premier Architectural Rate for Custom Homes and Commercial Properties:

We specialize in beautiful and dynamic twilight shots that bring the architecture to life. Design elements and structure are carefully sought out to showcase the creative aspects envisioned  by the  architect. Lighting enhancement is based on subject matter, and time of day. Staging comes with each shoot, when necessary an assistant is hired to help with staging.

Our intent is to minimize our time on each job but we recommend at least one day on site and that can stretch to 2 days depending on the complexity of the job.

Day Rate $900 (8 Hours)

Hourly Rate $125

Culling Images $60 per hour

Editorial Rate $75

Assistant rate $40 per hour

Let us offer you a personal quote

1) Your proposed budget

2) Job location

3) Job project -Architectural, Industrial, Commercial, Residential 

4) Job usage- Advertising, web, magazine, editorial

5) Usage length required

6) File Format

6) Time Line - start to finish

7) Contract required?