Price Schedule - 3Dcats Studio

Business Profile Images for social and print media

Express Head shots,  $180  20 minute  session includes two digital images.

Classic Head Shots,  $275  1 hour session includes 6 images.

Editorial head shots $75 per hour  (magazine)

Group shots + more than 20 head shots / $150 per hr  

Custom Quotes Available

Corporate Event and Annual Reports 

Hourly Rate $125

Day Rate $900  (8 hours)

Culling Images $90 per hour

Assistant $60 per hour

Custom Quotes available with a shot list

Real Estate Photography   "Our mission is to help you sell faster, so our turn

around is no longer than 24-48 hours."

Includes front and back exteriors and all interior main rooms and bath area's. 

Daylight Photography

20-25 Photos $150

30-40 Photos $200

50+ Photos    $250

Twilight Photography

20-25 Photos...$275

30-40 Photos...$325

50+ Photos...    $375

Exterior Only 5-8 shots  $125

Food Photography Rate:  We generally use natural soft lighting that wraps around the plate to show details in highlights and shadows. Architecture and people can bring a since of  activity and community to the shoot. Custom Quotes available.

Hourly Rate $125 per hour

Editorial Rate $75 per hour

Premier Architectural Rate for Custom Homes and Commercial Properties:

We specialize in beautiful and dynamic twilight shots that bring the architecture to life. Design elements are carefully sought out to showcase the creative aspects envisioned  by the  architect. 

Day Rate $900 (8 Hours)

Hourly Rate $125

Culling Images $90 per hour

Editorial Rate $75

Assistant rate $60 per hour

Let us offer you a personal quote

1) Your proposed budget

2) Job location

3) Job project -Architectural, Industrial, Commercial, Residential 

4) Job usage- Advertising, web, magazine, editorial

5) Usage length required

6) File Format

6) Time Line - start to finish

7) Contract required?